Baptism Day…One Year Ago Today

Today is the one year anniversary of our whole family being baptized. The story is here. These are photos of us with our family and friends that could make it that day all the way to the DC area!

january 2013 122

It  was an incredible day for all of us.

january 2013 123

And especially for the two of us.

january 2013 155

After our baptism, we invited our whole church ward back to our place…it was a little crowded. Our church ward already felt like our family that day though, so I don’t think anyone minded the packed house.


We stepped outside for a quick picture with the missionaries!

january 2013 172

And later that night the kids enjoyed the time getting to know their newest baby cousin!

For  more about our faith, go to




2 thoughts on “Baptism Day…One Year Ago Today

  1. Nikki, any word on your temple endowment being restored? I so want you both at mine and Jims sealing!

  2. Soon we hope! It’s been the year so we were able to start working on that. I will write you now to fill you in.

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